VIVA BCS offers exclusive sầu services in an integrated tailor-made, consist of 5 specialized-expertise platforms & the inheritance experience up to lớn hundreds of years for every job.

We are proficient in Vietnamese business laws and regulations, especially procedures for penetrating, exiting from the market, operating businesses & managing transactions in accordance with local regulations & international practices.

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We are proficient in tax management in Vietnam, including planning, optimizing & balancing each and all types of taxes. Manage tax records and compliance procedures in conformity to local regulations.

We are proficient in labor relations management including establishing transparent & fair labor relations between the company and employees, Insurance-Labor Department, Tax Department especially in optimizing compulsory insurance, corporate income tax và personal income tax.

We are proficient in accounting reports, including service of recording daily business transactions according to Vietnam’s standards, and providing financial statements and management reports as requested by board of directors, shareholders, banks và related parties. Not only the accounting reports, we also help khổng lồ Reviews and analyze the data, to lớn help clients straightforwardly make financial decisions, continue to optimize benefits for the owners.

We provide authorized representative sầu services, on behalf of clients, to manage and settle any queries or requirements with local competent state agencies, customers & partners related khổng lồ business administration procedures, managements và executing commercial contracts … We provide other resources & utilities such as business records management services, banking services, translation, due diligence.


APEC Business Travel Card

Exclusive visa for traveling to 19 APEC members countries for Vietnamese businessmen



Foreign Direct Investment

Full compliance procedures for foreign direct investment (FDI) companies in Vietnam


Expats in Vietnam

Full compliance procedures for expats working in Vietnam giới. The foreign employees shall be also complied with the local laws và regulations to avoid & prsự kiện the risks in advance.

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Doing Business In Vietnam

Full compliance procedures for local company in Vietphái mạnh. At any business cấp độ, you shall always comply with the mandatory compliance procedures according to local laws và regulations.

“If you ask any successful business person, they will always have had a great mentor at some point along the road”

Richard Branson

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