Another huge màn chơi in Nioh 2, another big trùm. This is how to lớn beat the Enenra at the over of the burning blacksmith town.

In the heat of the flames it can be tough to keep your cool. This fight can last a really long time, and the toughest part is both keeping your concentration và not panicking under the sustained attacking pressure.

As the battle drags on, you also have to resist the impatient urge lớn get greedy và rush the pattern. If you stick to the safe punishes the Enenra leaves itself open to lớn, you will eventually prevail.

Nioh 2 – How to lớn beat the Enenra

Like with the Ippon-Datara, Onmyo Magic users can imbue their weapons with water talismans for extra damage – but it’s not necessary. If you’re not magically inclined, you can buy some from the Kodama Bazaar too.

To get some cheeky chip damage, you can make the Enenra break the four pillars in the corners of the room khổng lồ douse it with water.

The embedded Clip is a successful run from my first blind playthrough of Nioh 2, & shows the basic strategy listed below.

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The Enenra fight is similar to lớn a regular Yoki, but with a quality edge. The basic punch/kichồng full bộ is possible khổng lồ dodge with just your normal walk speed, but you can side step around it lớn dash in and slash away as well.

Sometimes it just does two punches, or sometimes it can bởi vì two kicks in a row, or two punch/kicks. Baông chồng off when it drops its shoulder to lean bachồng for a kiông xã, but when the full bộ is done, you’re safe to dash in for one or two chip damage strikes.

When it disappears and reappears next khổng lồ you, you need to lớn dodge roll backwards, then nip baông chồng in after its two hit follow-up full bộ khổng lồ retaliate.

Then when the Enenra summons a row of tornados you can bachồng off until that disperse and run between the spaces left.

Bachồng off from the bombs it spawns on the ground, as well as the two-handed ground slam where he summons a Dark Realm puddle – there are better opportunities to lớn strike.

The best opportunity is the Burst Counter where the Enenra turns inkhổng lồ a tornado. Counter it quickly then slash away.

There’s another rare unblockable Burst Counter that I’ve only seen once in the times I’ve sầu fought it. I dodged backwards out of the way just to lớn steer clear.

As with the Mezuki, your Yokai Shift can help you spam down the last portion of the beast’s health bar if you’ve run out of healing. And by now you should have sầu some decent Yokai Abilities from Soul Cores for a more powerful helping hand.

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