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Regarding playing League of Legends (LoL), many players complain about the LoL lagging issues. Sometimes, poor mạng internet connection or system inadequacy can lead to lagging problems.


It can be devastating for the player. Not being able to act within milliseconds when surrounded by a dangerous situation can make him thua kém the game. However, there are certainly quick and easy fixes for League of Legend lagging issues.So, don’t worry & give a shot lớn these easy fixes.

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Part 1: What Is League of Legends Lagging?


Before we move into solutions, we should know what LoL lagging is.

LoL lag occurs when there is a delay between players" actions & the responsiveness of the trò chơi server. When this happens, even if you have taken the shot first, the game server would not react immediately, & the opponent may take the shot first and get a chance of winning.

LoL lag is somewhat more complex than simply considering poor internet connection. League of Legends lag can be in many forms. In addition to network connection issues, it can be in the form of FPS loss, rubber banding, league of legends stuttering, delay, or LoL high ping-related problems.

Part 2: What Causes League of Legends Lagging?

There isn’t a single reason for LoL lagging.

Ping spikes are a common cause of LoL lagging. Ping can be described as latency or how quickly a signal will go & come back to your computer. Low ping is good for gaming because it means less lagging. Since ping is about how fast a device can fetch the data from another server & come back, the less time it takes, the lower is the ping & the quicker the game is played. A poor internet connection in cloud-based games affects ping the most. The amount of data a network is juggling and the number of users on that network also affect the ping spike. Other than a poor internet connection, outdated patch, router issues, application working at the back và consuming a lot of bandwidth, outdated drivers, or bad installation files can also cause high ping.


It can also be due lớn problems in the gaming setup. If your PC has unoptimized settings or inadequate hardware requirements, problems lượt thích low FPS will often occur. Inadequate system requirements may involve insufficient RAM, sub-par graphics card, or something else.

Overall poor performance of your computer is another cause. For this, you can check out your system’s task manager that will let you know the overall performance of your computer. If something is disturbing or leeching off the internet connection, you will get khổng lồ know it.

Just navigate from task manager and go to lớn the Performance option and kiểm tra everything there. A new Windows 10 update, lack of update, and issues with the windows soundbar can also cause lagging.

Part 3: How lớn Fix LoL Client Lag Issues?

Here are some proven solutions to help you get rid of leagues of legend lag issues. However, since you cannot detect the problem in one go, try all the given fixes until you find the right solution.

1 Modify Your game Settings

The first easy option is just lớn go and kiểm tra your trò chơi settings. Maybe there isn"t any real problem, và only settings are messed up. Turning off or changing certain settings may help you get rid of lag.

For changing trò chơi settings, xuất hiện the League of Legends & hit thatcogwheel icon in the upper right corner. Under theClient/General window, clickGeneral and check two options:

1) Enable Low Spec Mode.

2) Close client during game.

Now, save the changes.


Sign in to your account & start the game. Press the Escape key to open the settings during gameplay. Click video clip to xuất hiện the đoạn clip tab. Expand resolution & choose 1280x720 (recommended). Choose a resolution that suits your PC. If 1280x720 is high, you can drop it down to 1024x768. Checkmark the Colorblind Mode & Hide eye candy option. In Graphics, choose unique level by dragging the slider. Please phối it lớn low or very low for not enough powerful PC. Tick the Character linking option. Now move on to advanced, expand the Frame rate cap & choose Uncapped. Remove ticks forAnti-Aliasing and Wait for Vertical Sync options. Click Okay và save the changes.

If lagging is still unsolved, move on to the next solution.

2 Change Your DNS Server

Improve your network condition by switchingISP’s DNS server to Google Public DNS address. This improves online security and resolution time.

Here are the steps: Simultaneously press the Windows key và R. This will mở cửa the Run dialogue box. Type Control panel và click OK. From View By drop-down options, select Category and choose View network status and tasks>Change adapter settings. Right-click network adapter and choose properties. Double click internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and pop-up window will appear. Select two options i-e, obtain an IP address automatically & use the following DNS vps addresses.

In the preferred DNS vps box, write

In the Alternate DNS server box, write and click OK.

3 Delete Temp/Junk Files

If a lot of temporary/junk files are piled up on your PC, they can slow down your PC. This causes LoL to lớn slow down. If you haven’t cleaned up the junk files, follow the steps for thorough cleaning.

Simultaneously press theWindows key and R. This will open the Run dialogue box. Type %temp% and click OK. When asked for permission; click Continue to open the folder. Select the files by pressing Ctrl + A and delete them. If warning dialogue opens, skip it. Simultaneously press the Windows key and R. This will mở cửa the Run dialogue box. Type temp và click OK. Click Continue to xuất hiện the folder. Choose all files by pressing Ctrl + A and delete them. If warning dialogue open, Skip it. Again, enter the Windows key và R at a time. This will open the Run dialogue box. Type prefetch và click OK. Click Continue to xuất hiện the folder. Select all files by Ctrl + A & delete them. If warning dialogue open, skip it.


Now go to the Recycle bin and empty it.

4 Unblock League of Legends on School Network

To unblock League of Legends on School Network, use Speedify. Speedify is a bonding VPN that you can use for LoL lag.


It detects, protects, và prioritizes the connection issues to manage better the school network, workplace, or any other blocked network. It monitors the traffic and gets information related lớn connection usage or packet loss. When there is a spotty or weak signal, speedily reroutes all data through a working connection to lớn allow an uninterrupted connection without any lag.

5 Use Ethernet Connection Instead of Wi-Fi

If you use a wireless network for playing LoL, switching to lớn an Ethernet connection might solve the problem.

Wi-Fi is not always as stable as a wired network; therefore, interruptions are expected. Especially if you are far away from the router, signals will be weak that causes LoL high ping.

If you sway it with Ethernet, the problem will solve. However, if it"s not possible for you, you can use an Ethernet adapter khổng lồ extend the network to areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage.


6 Enable V-Sync

If any of the given solutions vì chưng not work, tryV-Sync by following these steps:

xuất hiện NVIDIA control panel. Click Manage 3 chiều settings> vertical sync under Global settings> Force on. For turning on AMD Enhanced Sync, right-click the desktop và select AMD Radeon Settings option> Global Settings> Wait for Vertical Refreshes> Enhance Sync. Restart the computer.

FAQs about League of Legends Lagging

1 Is it safe to lớn fix League of Legends lag?

Most of the time, no problem occurs to your PC after fixing League of Legends lag. Depending on the type of fix, it may change certain settings from the default, affecting your working with other applications.

2 Could the high ping be fixed?

Yes, high ping can be fixed easily. Various factors can be the cause of high ping. If you spot the cause correctly, fixing high ping is not a problem.

3 Can VPN reduce ping?

In some cases, VPN can help reduce the ping. VPN allows quick connection khổng lồ the vps through a faster route và stabilizes your connection avoiding high spikes. However, it"s not always guaranteed.

Bonus Tips: How lớn Play League of Legends on PC?

Screen mirroring is a technique allowing to mirror your mobile device onto a large screen. So you can watch your documents, photos, videos & mobile applications on a big screen.

Since the introduction of screen projection technology, more và more gamers choose khổng lồ screen games on their smartphone phones khổng lồ the PC khổng lồ play, which makes the control in the trò chơi more convenient & at the same time enhances the visual experience of the game.

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