First AppearanceClassic 0.9
Type of BlockSolid Block
Tool UsedAny
Data ValuesHex: 2E Dec: 46
Obeys Physics?No


TNT is detonated from being lit on fire (such as from a Flint và Steel ) or from receiving an active redstone current. When using TNT in a redstone circuit it doubles the capacitance over a repeater. There is a 4 seconds fuse time, allowing the player to retreat lớn a safe distance. After being ignited, it will perform a slight jump in the air before returning to lớn the ground. It will flash white for exactly four seconds và allow the player lớn move through it, exploding soon afterwards.

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The explosion is easily capable of destroying most blocks in the vicinity. Fragile blocks, such as Dirt and Sand , are the most affected, while sturdier types, such as Obsidian , are more resistant khổng lồ the explosion. TNT does not obey physics until lit, where it will then fall as an entity until it hits a block or detonates. It is a very infamous griefing tool, as a TNT block can easily destroy most blocks besides obsidian và Bedrock . Because of this, it is often banned on servers that don"t allow griefing. TNT is a natural block because it naturally appears in Desert Temples và is used as a trap in them.

As of minecraft version 1.7, you can spawn in TNT with a custom fuse time, allowing for TNT that explodes instantly, as well as TNT that takes a long time to explode.


TNT is crafted using Gunpowder & Sand .

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Severe lag will occur if an even a single TNT is detonated in a superflat world with many layers of TNT.TNT cannons can be made using water , TNT, redstone , a button , redstone repeaters , sand & pistons . Many people use TNT cannons in SMP for arcade-esque games, such as Factions, TNT wars, etc.In the 1.3 update, TNT"s explosion radius was doubled. Endermen can pick up the block và then place it on the ground, where it will automatically detonate.TNT "naturally" spawns in desert temples as a booby-trap. Igniting the TNT will destroy the treasures in the chests inside.TNT can also be used lớn create a minecart with TNT as of 1.5.You can ignite TNT with lava or fire .TNT can fall up khổng lồ 72 blocks when ignited.Since TNT is actually an entity when ignited, water, lava and mobs can pass through it while it is ignited.If TNT is in water, it won"t damage the terrain, but still damage entities around it. This also happens if TNT is in lava.As stated by the Minecraft combat guide, TNT is a "Simple yet effective way to lớn annihilate an enemy base". Also one of the 6 Basic Weapons ( Sword , Bow , Lava Bucket , Dispenser with arrows, và Flint và Steel ).TNT is slightly smaller than other blocks when activated.The exploding sound for the TNT was changed. It had a cartoon lượt thích sound when it exploded.The string on vị trí cao nhất of the TNT will change direction when activated.If TNT has an Anvil inside of it when activated then it won"t damage the terrain, but still damage entities around it.In Minecraft Alpha, TNT was activated by just punching it. Then it changed to make TNT explode by using Flint và Steel or Redstone to activate it. However, In Minecraft today, there is a command khổng lồ get the TNT that explodes by punching it.However, In Minecraft today, there is a command lớn get the TNT that explodes by punching it.TNT will not damage the player if there"s a glass block in front of it.