Build Lee Sin with confidence with the help of"s build guides. Whether you are completely new khổng lồ Lee Sin or looking lớn refine your playstyle, we will help you take your Wild Rift game to the next level. Learn Lee Sin"s abilities in detail, the best items to lớn build, which skills lớn màn chơi first, & more.

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How lớn play Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a high mobility AD jungler. He has one of the best early games in terms of jungle clear & 1 vs 1 potential vs the enemy jungler and has great early game ganks that you can take advantage of khổng lồ snowball your lanes. He does fall off a bit when you get khổng lồ the late game which is why you need to lớn play an aggressive early game jungle playstyle lớn get an early advantage.

Lee Sin uses a mixture of both AD và tank items that allow hyên ổn khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage & survive sầu. Youmuu"s Ghostblade is a great thành công for Lee Sin, this tác phẩm allows hyên ổn to move around the map a lot quicker và deal a lot of damage early on. He is at his strongest during the early game so it"s really important to try & get them early ganks off to lớn get an early lead on the enemy. Trinity Force is another great cống phẩm for Lee Sin. It gives him all the stats he needs & he works really well with the Passive"s Spellblade and Rage.

For runes, we have sầu the following:

Lee Sin is a fighter so he wants to get in enemies face và attack constantly whilst also using his spells. This means he can get stacks pretty fast, which allows hyên khổng lồ get more damage on the enemies.

This helps out Lee Sin in the early game get that extra bit of damage when clearing the jungle và getting them early ganks off.

With Lee Sin, you will be in a lot of fights và ganking a lot which means you will be getting plenty of takedowns. This allows Lee Sin khổng lồ get a bit more health with each takedown khổng lồ make hyên that little bit extra tanky.

The go-khổng lồ rune for junglers in Wild Rift! Allows Lee Sin to giảm giá 10% bonus true damage to epic monsters & adaptive sầu damage to lớn turrets! On top of that, he can earn an extra 120 gold when you takedown objectives!

For summoner spells, Flash is a must on most champions. It"s a great spell to lớn get out of a situation or if you are trying lớn go in for that killing blow. Smite is a must for when you are playing jungle. Help"s you out a lot when clearing the jungle and securing the epic monsters.

Jungle Path

With Lee Sin, he has a very fast early jungle clear. This means that you can work your way around the jungle really fast & be aggressive sầu when contesting the scuttle crabs in the rivers. It is best to lớn start at Red Bramblebachồng as you don"t have mana and you don"t thua thảm a lot of health when jungle clearing. With Lee Sin, you want khổng lồ make sure you make the best out of your Passive Flurry. Every time you use an ability your next 2 auto attacks gain attaông xã speed and return energy. Every basic ability for Lee Sin has 2 activates so it"s best lớn press ability, tự động hóa twice, press ability, auto twice, và so on.

This is what the jungle patch would look like:

Red BramblebackRaptorsBlue SentinelScuttle Crab 1 (In river)Scuttle Crab 2 (Opposite river)Gank or continue to lớn farm jungle.

Below is a beginner"s guide for jungle in Wild Rift. It goes in-depth about every jungle camp. Epic monsters and more!:

Late Game

Lee Sin can struggle a lot in the late game. Your damage falls off really fast and you don"t have sầu a lot of teamfight crowd control. Your best way khổng lồ go about the late game is trying lớn get a Dragon"s Rage (Ultimate) kick on an important target lớn kiông chồng them inkhổng lồ your team. Your main objective sầu as a jungler is to lớn keep track of when Dragon"s, Rift Herald, và Baron spawn. Taking these epic monsters will give you and your team an advantage in the game. When in a team fight try your best not to get caught out and try khổng lồ keep auto-attacking and using your abilities khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage.

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If you lượt thích an aggressive sầu jungle playstyle and a champion that can use his early advantage to carry the team then Lee Sin is the go-khổng lồ piông xã for you. He has a lot of mobility allowing hyên to jump over multiple walls & can make some really good flashy plays.

Thank you for reading this guide! Feel không tính phí khổng lồ follow me & ask any questions on:

Good luck on the rift summoners!

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