Ngao Kiem Vo song 2 has officially opened to lớn welcome gamers lớn participate in the experience, opening up the world of swordsmanship, with countless attractive features.

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From now on, let’s install, create a character & participate in the experience of Unsurprisingly Two-dimensional Sword. Detailed how to do it, please follow the article below:

Step 1: tải về game nghêu Kiem Vo song 2 download, double-click the installation file. Choose Run as administrator for better installation.

Step 2: Select the thư mục to install the trò chơi on your hard drive, then click the button Setting to lớn install the game ngao Kiem Vo song II.

Step 3: When the installation is complete, a dialog box will appear informing you of completing the trò chơi installation. The quick or slow installation process depends on your computer configuration.

How khổng lồ create a GOSU account to play nghêu Kiem Vo tuy vậy 2

To play the game, you must have a GOSU account in your hand. With this trương mục you not only play nghêu Kiem Vo song 2, but also can participate in all services in the system of GOSU. First, access homepage nghêu Kiem Vo tuy vậy 2, click Sign up now.

Display Registration appear, fill in the required information, and then check the box I agree lớn the terms of the GOSU và press the button Registration.

So you have created your GOSU account.

How khổng lồ create a character in Unsurpassed Swordsman 2

After completing the installation & registration of your GOSU ID account, you proceed to create your character. To lớn create a character you must first mở cửa the game interface.

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Then, log in with the GOSU account you just registered above, then click Change cluster to lớn select the hệ thống cluster.

Continue, click Confirm khổng lồ enter the character creation interface.

Now, you can choose your favorite name by rolling the dice on the side or giving yourself the desired name. Then, select the gender of the character, then press select Enter the game khổng lồ join the experience.

Note: Name must not be less than 4 characters & exceed 16 characters.

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The gaming interface appears, you left-click on the ground lớn move the character khổng lồ the place you want, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the character lớn the right, left, forward, back. After that, chat with the NPCs present in the game, purchase equipment, & use trò chơi items.

So you can immediately experience the game nghêu Kiem Vo tuy nhiên 2 already, quite simple, right?

Wish you all success!

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