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Gunma Prefecture

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Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort

Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort is located near Katashina in the Gunma Prefecture. The ski resort in isolation is reasonably small và it has nothing particularly special about it. Sounds lượt thích a lot of other Japanese ski resorts doesn’t it? And lượt thích many other spots in Japan, Oguna is one of those ski resorts that you wouldn’t visit in isolation but rather you’d go there just for a day as part of a road trip.The ski resort is known under many guises and they don’t seem to lớn be able to agree about how to spell it in English. In addition lớn Oguna Hotaka it’s otherwise known as Ogna Hotaka và formerly Snowpal Oguna Hotaka, which is sometimes spelt as Snowpar Ogna Hotaka!

Pros và Cons of Oguna Hotaka


Ogna Hotaka is close to various other Gunma ski resorts around the Katashina area. It’s usually devoid of gaijin so you won’t feel lượt thích you’re at Mt Buller in nước australia and any freshies in the trees will be all yours. Above the ski resort is some nice backcountry terrain on Hotakasan.

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The major part of the ski resort has a south easterly aspect, so the snow can be shabby on very sunny days during the fringes of the season. At least the đứng top elevation is decent. The lifts are not fancy and the whole place looks like it’s stuck in a time warp.

Pro or nhỏ Depending On Your Perspective

Ogna Hotaka is close khổng lồ Tokyo, which leads lớn weekend crowds.You’ll need to have a oto to get there & around.There is no accommodation at the base, but you’d probably only visit Oguna Hotaka as a day trip anyhow.

Oguna Hotaka Ski và Snowboard Terrain

Like a lot of Japanese ski resorts, Oguna Hotaka is not particularly large with just 9 trails, 6 double lifts và 628 metres of vertical (1,200 - 1,828m), & it’s the type of ski resort where you hope you don’t turn up on a weekday only lớn find the đứng top lift not operating.The trail stats are beginner 30%, intermediate 40% and advanced 30%, và as is usually the case in Japan, the đen runs are not very challenging. The terrain parks are not death defying either, with just low rails & little waves.With respect to tree skiing, the staff don’t expect khổng lồ see foreigners riding off-piste so they don’t tend to lớn look out for it. If you try to play it discretely, all should be well. A lot of the trees in the lower zones are not skiable due to lớn an excess of exposed shrubbery, whilst higher up it’s more feasible & there’s some OK off-piste and sidecountry, and backcountry touring is also possible.

Oguna Hotaka Snow

Like the other Katashina ski resorts, Oguna Hotaka doesn’t receive massive amounts of snow but the powder chất lượng is drier than the Niigata ski resorts because the big mountains closer to lớn the coast suck up the moisture.

Where is Oguna Hotaka?

Oguna Hotaka is situated on the southeast flanks of Mt Hotaka in Gunma. The ski resort is located in the Tone District, 15.5km by road northwest of Katashina. Other nearby ski resorts include Oze Iwakura, Oze Tokura and Marunuma Kogen.

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The closest accommodation lớn the Oguna Hotaka Ski Resort is about 3km down the road, where there is a collection of Japanese inns.Considering you’re unlikely to lớn be there just to lớn visit Oguna Hotaka, your best bet would be lớn stay in Katashina or at the base of the Oze Iwakura Ski Resort at the Oze Iwakura Resort Hotel.Katashina Accommodation Listings

Ski Resort Facilities

The base area is well mix up to lớn cater for the Tokyo droves that turn up on weekends, but the amenities look rather pre-historic. Facilities and services include ski school (in Japanese only), ski & snowboard equipment rentals from another era, và a couple of large cafeterias. There is also an eatery further up the hill where people can sit just inside the door and smoke, which permeates throughout the whole café – just like the old days!