I am not sure which is correct, but I often see some people kết thúc a formal letter with“Yours sincerely”, while some “Your sincerely”.

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Is there difference between “Yours sincerely” and “Your sincerely”?Which is the correct one?

Please help clarify!

Thank you


Hi,If u know someone to lớn whom u write,u must use “Yours sincerely”.If not,“Yours faithfully”.Regards,Morteza

Thanks for the help, Morteza!

I wonder if there are alternatives (other good words)to “Yours sincerely” when writing to lớn someone I know,say my teacher, the headmaster of my previous school.




Hi,If u know someone to whom u write,u must use “Yours sincerely”.If not,“Yours faithfully”.Regards,Morteza

Hi Morteza,

Can you please vì chưng yourself & others a favor & spell the word ‘u’ correctly? Is this especially important when you answer other diyxaqaw.com users’ grammar và vocabulary questions because they are here to improve sầu their diyxaqaw.com. When they constantly see words spelled incorrectly they will piông chồng up the incorrect spelling & start making those mistakes too.

Many thanks,Torsten

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Alan June 12, 2018, 8:16am #5

Hi Kwfine,

The usual practice is to over a letter with ‘Yours sincerely’ if you have started with the person’s name as in: Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Jones’. If you don’t know the name of the person khổng lồ whom you are writing and address them as: Dear Sir/Madam’, you would end the letter: ‘Yours faithfully’.


Mary_Ten June 12, 2018, 8:16am #6

Dear Moterza,Thank you very much for your useful lessions. I d lượt thích lớn ask you what is differrent between material, equipment and tool. How vị I use these words. Thanks so much

Yours sincerely,Mary

Leaderofrogue June 12, 2018, 9:23am #7


My more “dictionary” explanation would be that they are obviously all be nouns. The first distinction I would make between the 3 words is that material should not be thought lớn be similar lớn equipment và tools, even depending on context usually only the latter two are used interchangeably (unless you have sầu seen or heard of an example).

So starting with material; normal everyday usage it generally provides the meaning/impression of something that is raw or parts of a sản phẩm that is yet-to-be-made — and normally referring to lớn things that are fabric/natural in nature (clothing, furniture or house decorations etc.). Having said this, we also commonly refer “material” as an abstract resources; the likes of “schooling materials (textbooks, workbooks or sometimes evensome of the facilities that the school provides)”

E.g. you normally ask a salesperson regarding the origin of a furniture piece và he/she would answer you in terms of “material” — the type of animal skin/wood that is used to lớn make that product. Never bởi you ask “what such and such equipment/tool is this made of ?”

As far as equipment và tools is concerned, if we consider sports “equipment” & “tools” are the necessary “things” that allow us to lớn perform a specific task. For instance, to play soccer we need goals & a ball or other activities then you would need various other objects: paddles, swimsuit/goggles, appropriate clothing just to lớn name a few. We also usually use these references when we want describe objects that are more “industrialised” (not sure if this is the right word khổng lồ use but…) in nature. For example, factory machineries, computers, printers, chairs, tables (personally I think my explanation is rather ambiguous but I guess this is somewhat how languages are anyway).

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In my opinion, as a general assumption, it should be relatively safe lớn relate the usage of material as “products” of non-mechanical things và equipment/tools to lớn mechanical objects.