This is one of my favorites khổng lồ serveduring the winter months, or week if you’re from Houston, for a small gathering of friends and family. The cooking is done by each person so as the host, you just have to phối some time out khổng lồ prep. It’s also so much fun lớn pick and choose which protein or veggies you want lớn dunk inlớn the hot pot. Just Điện thoại tư vấn it your Asian fondue. Also rethành viên that at the beginning, the broth is not as flavorful but as you go on with the “fondue-ing” it will get more & more intense. This recipe of mine is super simple as well and perfect for this weekend’s gathering.You can have as many or as few seafood, meats & veggies as you see fit. That’s the beauty of this dish, you can add anything you like. Enjoy!


RECIPE for 6-8 servings

Fresh veggies, select a few variety of your favorites:1 lb spinach leaves1 lb of bok choy, ung choy, kaleand/or other leafy greens1 lb of napa/kimđưa ra cabbage

Fresh tofu và mushrooms:2 pkgsof fresh tofu, cut into 2-inch cubes2 handfulsof button, enoki, and/or shitake

Noodles:1 pkg of fresh egg noodle –cook them according khổng lồ package. Drizzle with 1 tbs of sesame oil và 1 tbs of oyster sauce và mix well. Top with diced green onion and crispy shallot. Use scissors to precut the noodles for easy serving.

3-4 servings of clear/mung bean noodle – soak them in warm water for 10 mins và then drain them before serving

Fresh Beef & Seafood:2 lbs of slice beef round, ask your butcher lớn slice them thin for “table side cooking”một nửa of each of these “balls”, available in the freezer section: lobster, shrimp, fish, cuttlefish,fish tofu squares, & even beef meat balls.1 lb of fresh large shrimp, shelled and deveined with tail on

The Broth:3-4 qts of chicken stoông xã, and have sầu 1 qt on the side to lớn add khổng lồ the pot as it cooks down2 tbs of oyster sauce for each qt of broth used1 knob of ginger, about 3-fingers large, peeled & sliced thick50% small Trắng onion, sliced thin2 tbs of crispy shallot, store-bought1 bunch of green onion, cut inkhổng lồ 3-inch portion

Combine broth and all ingredients in the “hot pot” using the table side gas stove. Bring it to lớn a boil first then lower the heat khổng lồ a simmer for continuous cooking by your party.

Individual Dipping Sauce:3 tbs of soy sauce1 egg yolk, optionalSirathân phụ or satay chili sauce, whichever you prefer as your “hot sauce”

How khổng lồ phối the table:Include 3-4 small scoops & strainers (at your Asian knives/chopsticks aisle)for fishing out the cooked items.Assemble all the above items on plates và platters. If you have sầu a long table, then provide the ingredients for both ends of the table, so everyone can have sầu easy access to all the ingredients, including havingtwo “hot pots”.

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Heat up the broth & start your meal with cooking the proteins first then the veggies. Keep an eye on your cooked items or they will be fished out by your neighbor!