Several number of people use the WinRAR application khổng lồ create an archive tệp tin for easy tệp tin transfer over the internet. It also lets you compress large-size files in a single file to save memory space. Generally, we need lớn create an archive file when we are unable khổng lồ send a tệp tin over the mạng internet because of its large file size. But, people frequently get an error message lượt thích ‘Unexpected kết thúc of File’ error when they try to mở cửa the archive tệp tin after download. If it happens with you also and you cannot access any extract the RAR file then here is a suitable tool lớn fix the unexpected end of archive WinRAR error. You can rely on the WinRAR Repair tool to lớn easily fix errors in extracting corrupt WinRAR archives.

Causes for unexpected end of file error

There are plentiful of reasons behind the unexpected kết thúc of tệp tin error. This type of error mainly denotes an incomplete download of file or WinRAR corruption. Any sort of interruptions that occurrs during the download process will give rise to lớn the over of tệp tin error when you try to extract it. Other reasons that can damage your valuable RAR archives include-

Virus và malware threats Bad sectors on the hard drive RAR header corruption Corruption after RAR file recovery Improper tệp tin conversions

Whatever might be the reason for RAR errors, you can straightaway fix WinRAR archive with a highly effective application called WinRAR Repair. This award-winning utility is integrated using the powerful algorithm that automatically scans và fixes the unexpected over of files error in simple clicks. It is also capable to resolve CRC errors, filename too long error, unknown format error, no files to lớn extract errors & many more. The tool is also effective in fixing the password-protected RAR files in a hassle-free way. Hence, by employing the WinRAR Repair tool, you can mở cửa inaccessible WinRAR files very easily.

You can install the WinRAR Repair tool on any edition of your Windows operating system (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2008, and 2003). If you want lớn fix a corrupted WinRAR archive on Windows 7 computer effortlessly, follow this link: A thử nghiệm version of the WinRAR Repair tool can also be utilized to kiểm tra the efficiency of the RAR file repair.

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Simple steps to lớn fix unexpected over of archive error

Step 1: Get the WinRAR Repair tool installed on your system. The welcome screen appears as shown in figure 1.


Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Browse the RAR tệp tin throwing an unexpected kết thúc of file error.

Step 3: Click on the Repair icon to lớn proceed with the RAR repair operation as shown in figure 2.

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Figure 2: Select WinRAR File

Step 4: Mention the target drive location khổng lồ save the fixed WinRAR file và then press on the "Save" option.


Figure 3: Save the Repaired WinRAR File

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