A comtháng question recently around many forums và websites is What is Vulkan Runtime Libraries? Many Windows 10 users worried when they saw the presence of Vulcan Run Time Libraries in their computers. The program found under Programs và Features và is published by “LunarG, Inc.“

■They have sầu noticed that it suddenly appeared và there is no any pop-up window to lớn insize them about its presence on the computer. Hence, anyone also fear it’s a malicious software when detecting this tool on their danh mục of programs. So What is it’s purpose, how it would have managed khổng lồ get on your PC, và is it a security problem?

■ Don’t worry, Vulkan Runtime Libraries is not a virut or malware, therefor you don’t need to lớn delete it.quý khách vẫn xem: What are vulkan runtime libraries?

Vulkan Runtime Libraries is installed by the Nvidia. Most likely when you recently installed fresh drivers or upgraded your đoạn Clip thẻ drivers it got installed automatically. Vulkan is a new graphics standard, it’s a bit like DirectX & OpenGL. It gives high-efficiency, cross-platsize access khổng lồ modern GPUs used in a wide variety of devices from điện thoại phones khổng lồ PCs and consoles. Therefore, I recommended you should leave the program on your system; uninstalling it may cause various graphics problems.

How lớn Remove Vulkan Runtime Libraries

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Games That Support Vulkan Runtime Libraries.

Unfortunately, not every đoạn phim game supports Vulkan Runtime Libraries. Microsoft has their own 3 chiều graphics API, DirectX, so most of their games (e.g., Minecraft, Halo, etc.) aren’t compatible.

As you can see, there are plenty of games that bởi tư vấn Vulkan Runtime Libraries. Some of the classics (và new games) include:

QuakeQuake 2Quake III ArenaDoomDoom3 BFGDoom EternalCounter Strike: Global OffensiveMad MaxF1 2017RobloxSerious Sam VR: The First EncounterSerious Sam VR: The Second EncounterSerious Sam VR: The Last HopDota 2VaingloryNeed for Speed: No LimitsAshes of the SingularityWolfenstein II: The New ColossusGalaxy on Fire 3: ManticoreBallistic OverkillWar ThunderWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War IIIWhere Can I Download Vulkan?

Are you looking khổng lồ optimize your gaming experience with Vulkan Runtime Libraries?