Windham Mountain is located in the northern Catskills just off Route 23 và only 23 miles from the new york State Thruway, making it one of the most accessible big mountain resorts in the state. Lượt thích most Catskill resorts, Windham caters lớn skiers in the NY/NJ/CT metropolitan region, who seek a more upscale ski resort feel. Its 269 skiable acres are serviced by 12 well maintained lifts including two hi tốc độ detachable quads of which I have never seen a problem with. The mountain boasts 1600’ of vertical, 49 trails, và 97% snowmaking coverage. In addition khổng lồ downhill skiing, the resort also features an outdoor ice rink, snowtubing, và cross-country và snowshoe center.

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The resort’s skiable terrain is divided between two mountain peaks which on any given day can see two very different skiing conditions. The West Peak reaches an elevation of 3,050’ and is the easiest khổng lồ access, serviced from base lớn peak by a high tốc độ quad as well as a triple. The double blacks on this main peak are typical for the Catskills: steep until halfway down with a long xanh run-out. This peak also features night skiing from an additional mid-mountain triple during peak season, offering extended hours of skiing on beginner and intermediate terrain và several terrain parks.

The East Peak tops off at just 50’ higher at 3,100’ & features several đen diamond runs; though not as steeply pitched as other đen diamonds in the Catskill region, they provide a fairly consistent pitch for their majority & provide great runs whether groomed or left bumped. This side of the mountain also opens later, is only accessible from mid-mountain, and tends lớn catch và hold a few inches more after a good snowfall. With only two trails running from the West Peak over to lớn the quad on the East, crowds tend khổng lồ stay thinner on this side of the mountain. Windham also provides one beginner trail from the top of this highest peak, a feature seen less frequently in the Catskills.

Windham provides an excellent variety for the intermediate và advanced-intermediate skiers. Blue trails are groomed nightly except for the occasional left natural after a good storm. Their black diamonds provide great variety; some are left largely ungroomed and left bumped season-long, while others are groomed nightly. The trail bản đồ is well thought out và designed for those looking to lớn increase their trail difficulty; dashed lines indicate an easier way down based on the trail’s degree of difficulty.

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Windham Mountain does a great job capping off the alpine lifestyle they promote with a firepit at the base that’s always lit, countless Adirondack chairs spread out across the patio, & an outdoor BBQ and full-service bar. The base lodge adequately houses a weekend crowd và offers cafeteria style dining along with two cafes, a bar & grill, & even an upstairs sushi lounge.

by Jim Vdk

Windham Mountain Trail Map


Windham Stats

Summit Elevation3,100 feet
Base Elevation1,500 feet
Vertical Drop1,600 feet
# Trails54 trails
Trail Miles29 miles
Longest Run12,500 feet
Skiable Area285 acres
# Lifts11 lifts
Uphill Capacity19,890 / hour
Annual Snowfall†105 inches
11 Year Avg*94 inches
11 Year High**171 inches