Flash: 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) The Flash"s rogue"s gallery is full of some heavy-hitters, but Hunter Zolomon can be seen as being on a tier of his own. Here"s some big info on him.

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The Flash is one of the premiere characters in the DC Universe. As the traveler within the multiverse, he is best known for his incredible speed that is capable of going beyond the time barrier. Over the years, there have been multiple characters who have taken the mantle of the Flash. Each adding more compared khổng lồ the last.

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However, with every Flash, there is always their arch-nemesis who is classified as their reverse. For Wally West, that is the character of Zoom who is extremely dangerous while also being incredibly complicated. Here are some facts that every tín đồ and newcomer should know about the character of Zoom.

Although he is the second Reverse-Flash, he is really the third evil Flash to appear in the series. Before he was Eobard Thawne, the most famous Reverse-Flash who made it his duty khổng lồ make Barry Allen"s life a living hell. The other was Edward Clariss also known as the Rival for Jay Garrick.

The distinct difference that makes Hunter Zolomon stand apart from the other characters is that he initially didn"t rely on anything related to the speed force. Nor did he use a special formula in order lớn make him artificially fast. Rather, his powers are the result of an explosion from the cosmic treadmill.

Before Hunter Zolomon became the villain that haunted Wally West"s life, he was actually one of his closest allies. Hunter Zolomon was a profiler for the police and actively helped Wally West when it came to lớn supervillains. This became all the more tragic when he became Zoom as he wanted the Flash lớn go back in time and change things. Of course, this forced him to create his new motivation for Wally West & all Flash"s going forward.

Although he is very much not a good person anymore, he isn"t completely evil like certain villains either. In fact, the only reason why Hunter Zolomon does what he does is that he hopes that by giving Wally West tragedy, he will become a stronger person.

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This includes making his life a living hell và giving him something that he will remember forever. Although this point will get more elaborated later in the article.

7 Initially, His speed Had Nothing To vì With The tốc độ Force

When Hunter Zolomon was caught in an explosion from the Cosmic Treadmill, he learned that he is able khổng lồ manipulate his own personal time. As such, he moves at incredibly fast speeds through chronokinesis.

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As he isn"t a speed-force conduit, he is able to lớn bypass certain limitations that the other Flashes have like dealing with friction. However, the con behind his abilities is that he isn"t able khổng lồ travel in time lượt thích the Flashes và isn"t able to lớn vibrate through walls.

Of course, by the time of DC Rebirth, his powers have changed completely. Due lớn him losing his initial capabilities, he tricks both Wally West & Barry Allen khổng lồ break through the force wall. As a result, not only does he have the speed force which allows him lớn become incredibly powerful but many more. The sage force allows him to lớn use telepathy & telekinesis. Strength force allows him khổng lồ manipulate gravity và gain super strength. The Still force he stole from steadfast which allowed him to negate energy. Finally, all of that together allows him lớn use the forever force, the ability khổng lồ control time itself.

5 He Was An Immigrant From New Earth

Crisises happen all the time with the DC universe. Sometimes it can destroy entire worlds while rewriting new ones. However, sometimes there are certain people that over up surviving the crisis and are moved directly to lớn a new world with their memories intact. Good examples include earth 2 Superman and Superboy-Prime. Another example is Hunter Zolomon. As by the time of Rebirth, he is one of the few that is able khổng lồ remember everything that has happened prior lớn the New 52.

Although it was brief, Hunter Zolomon had a brief time working together with his own Kid Flash. As most fans know, the Flash"s sidekick is often kid flash who isn"t as fast as their mentors but is able to lớn become something great. Freeing the villain of Inertia, the character was told by Zoom that he would become his sidekick. Becoming the evil Kid Zoom. Although, the stint was extremely brief as he was later beaten up và killed by the rogues.

3 He Killed Wally"s Kids

One of the most terrifying and infamous moments that Hunter Zolomon has done was the moment that he killed Wally"s kids. By holding his pregnant wife hostage, he easily killed them by snapping his fingers. Resulting in a sonic boom that forced Wally West to lớn hate Zoom. Although the kids eventually revived later down the road, it really goes to lớn show the lengths that he would go through to force Wally lớn improve.

Hunter Zolomon"s Zoom has become so popular that he ended up appearing in the Flash tv show. Acting pretty much as the Eobard Thawne of season 2, the show accurately depicted the terrifying nature of the character. However, that"s really all there is to it.

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In the TV show, Hunter Zolomon is a character that appears in Earth 2 and he is connected directly lớn the tốc độ force. His motivations are far crueler & his costume is much darker, being literal black rather than the colors of a Reverse-Flash.

1 He Sacrificed His Life As A Flash

Despite all of the evil deeds that the character has done, when all things are said & done, he ended his life in a way any flash would. Through sacrifice. During the climax of Death of the speed force, he decides to lớn fix the force barrier following what he learned regarding Eobard Thawne having something to vày with Zolomon"s past.

As a result, not only did he felt regret for everything that he has done to Wally West và Barry Allen, he fixes the barrier. Sending the đen Flash that was chasing them to be sealed within the Forever Force. A feat that is never easy.

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